Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) is the Crown provincial agency charged with maintaining and expanding markets for B.C. forest products. Headquartered in Mumbai, Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (FII India) is a non-profit market development agency for Canadian Wood lumber primarily from British Columbia (B.C.)

Wood varieties of Douglas-fir, Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF), Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar and Yellow-Cedar are perfect for applications across furniture, doors - solid and flush, door jambs, doorframes, windows, interiors & millwork, specialty outdoors and structural purposes.


Wood is the only material with third party certification programs in place to verify that products originate from a sustainably managed source. Only 10% of the world’s forests are certified and Canada has 37% of the world’s forest certification. Canada is the international leader in forest certification with B.C. contributing more than any other province.

British Columbia is world renowned for its sustainable forest management practices and has 52 million hectares certified to one of three internationally recognized certification standards – PEFC (CSA, SFI) and FSC. At the end of 2016, B.C. had 52 million hectares (128.5 million acres) of certified lands.  

Only a fraction of 1% of the total forests is harvested per annum and 3 new trees are planted for every single tree harvested. This result in 200 million seedlings planted every year.

The forests are certified for sustainable management by independent third party sources, giving buyers the assurance that the forest products they use are legally and responsibly sourced. Softwood from B.C. is extremely versatile, strong, beautiful and perfectly suited to Indian conditions.

Sustainably managed forests of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada


Traditionally, India has a strong history of using wood in design and construction. Wood continues to be very popular among Indian consumers and the demand is continually growing. India's forests are protected and there are simply not enough domestic sources of wood to satisfy the current demand. Therefore, India must rely on responsibly sourced imported wood to meet its current needs and protect its tropical forests. Canadian Wood has the potential to effectively bridge this burgeoning gap.

Sawn lumber in standardised grades & sizes


Technical Assistance & Support

FII India’s team of wood experts supports manufacturers, builders and real estate developers, architects and interior designers understand the working and performance aspects of the five species and help them identify the right variety and grade for your applications. We also help establish channels for steady supply of lumber from B.C., Canada. If you are a wooden furniture manufacturing company, architect or real estate developer, we can help you choose the right wood for your next project. For end users, stockists, traders or importers looking to procure Canadian Wood, we can provide the right support. Contact us to know more.

FII office in Mumbai, India


Canadian Wood’s exclusive audio-visual display centre is spread across a sprawling 1600 sq.ft. space in the heart of Mumbai’s commercial district.

The aim is to help designers, contractors and procurement professionals understand versatility and new-age technologies in the wood business, design and build innovative interiors and wooden structures using sustainable, certified wood products. With a distinguished team of technical advisors and market development specialists, industry practitioners can hold consultations free of charge on wood building systems and specific product applications.

The centre educates and motivates the industry through engaging materials and interactive kiosks on different wood species, emerging building trends, life-size showcase of exterior and interior applications including a gazebo, designer furniture and resources on green building.

Canadian Wood’s Interactive Display Center in Mumbai, India