March 21, 2017

March 21st is celebrated globally as World Wood Day. Why do we celebrate World Wood Day? What’s so special about wood that we have an... Read More

March 16, 2017

Our cities are great places to live. Bustling with activity, lots of facilities and a fast paced life are all the things that make living in the... Read More

March 10, 2017

India has long been admired for its architecture that is a marvelous confluence of technology, art and exquisite craftsmanship. As one of the... Read More

March 3, 2017

Lumber is wood material that has been rough sawn and cut to length, typically in standard increments, whereas logs refers to rough stock wood that... Read More

March 2, 2017

India has been blessed with a rich culture of multiple architectural styles that continue to influence design in current times. Every region in... Read More

March 1, 2017

Sustainable wood means wood that has been procured from sustainably managed forests and is certified to be legal and ethical. While wood by itself... Read More

February 23, 2017

Pre-fabricated wooden homes or modular homes are among the fastest and the easiest homes to build. Wooden homes provide a multitude of benefits to... Read More

February 14, 2017

A holiday home is a trend that has caught on and gained immense popularity.  City life is extremely demanding and a home away from city provides... Read More

January 25, 2017

A house with a nice green lawn is the idea of the perfect home for most people. Throw in a beautiful ‘relaxation’ spot like a gazebo or a pergola... Read More

January 11, 2017

If you have visited any part of the world in 2016 and not heard of changes in local weather patterns due to climate change- you’d be quite the... Read More