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Sustainable forestry changes conversation about wood
Wood News
April 30, 2017

Wood in construction has earned a bad reputation due to indiscriminate logging and lack of standardization of quality. As a world leader in sustainable forestry, Canada is changing the conversation about the use of wood in construction and showing us how wood is a major weapon in fighting climate change.

Furniture Manufacturers are steadily choosing lumber over logs
Home Review
March 29, 2017

Furniture manufacturers in India have their sights on markets all across the globe. Old artisan practices have made way for mechanised manufacturing and most significantly, manufacturers are increasingly opting for lumber over logs. This article explores what is fuelling this growing trend.

Advanced uses of wood as a structural element
Architectural Digest
March 3, 2017

It's no secret that wood can be used to create sophisticated structures thanks to new technological advancements in wood construction. This article showcases some stunning examples of advanced uses of wood in structural applications. These are surely not to be missed. click here

The Ply Reporter
March 1, 2017

India is facing a huge gap in the demand and supply of wood which needs to be met. Using wood from sustainably managed forests of Canada is fast gaining popularity as Canadian wood species are ideal for a range of applications. Read the full report.

World Leader and Largest Exporter of sustainable forest products british columbia (b.c.)
Architecture + Design
January 31, 2017

The Douglas-fir villa has garnered lots of attention for its beauty and charm in the midst of a reserve forest. Made entirely in certified, sustainable wood from British Columbia (B.C.), Canada;  it is a shining example of beauty, durability and sustainability culminating into one enchanting residence. All the elements of the house right from the ceiling to the furniture as well as the doors and windows are worth admiring. This case study takes a deep look at why this project could very well mark the comeback of sustainably-sourced wood as a preferred material of construction.