Furniture Design by Rachana Sansad Students


Canadian Wood with FOAID 2017 honors innovation, function and aesthetic advancements in the furniture Industry. Students from premiere architecture colleges across Delhi and Mumbai will work under the expert guidance of established architects and Interior designers. The students are provided with western hemlock wood to create unique furniture pieces. Available as sawn lumber in India, western hemlock is ideal for producing solid wood furniture.

Western Hemlock Furniture


Western hemlock is an outstanding wood for solid wood furniture and interior designing. It’s known worldwide for its even density and excellent machining properties. Hemlock is firmly established as an excellent wood for mouldings and interior woodworking.

Its popular applications include furniture, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, ladders and other utility purposes.

It can be planed and sanded to an even, smooth finish and its natural beautiful grain and carving properties make it popular among furniture manufacturers. Being non-resinous and light in color, it can take on any paint, stains and finishes for that perfect look.




Dipti Choudhary

Harshit Goel

Jhalak Agarwal

Komal Garg

Mayank Bhamotra

Nisha Sharma

Nitika Virai

Rashmi Yadav

Shrey Chapra

Shubham Singh


Ronak Sekhri

Business Head - Pomegranate Design

Meet the proud mentor of Team IMS School of Design, Ronak Sekhri.
With a vast and extensive experience in manufacturing & marketing rubberized Bitumen for use by the National Highway authority of India, AAI, etc. Ronak translates his interest in infrastructure, roads, warehousing and real estate into Design as a business at Pomegranate Design. He brings together a comprehensive approach that translates luxury and lifestyle into design.


Abhinav Verma

Aditi Sit

Anshumala Mishra

Himanshu Yogi

Madhu Priya

Nikhil Nitir Bage

Seema Mehra

Shiva Ghosh

Zuberan Ahmed


Neha Kulkarni

Aum Architects

Neha Kulkarni, an alumni of Sir J.J College of Architecture – Mumbai, is the proud mentor of the Team School of Planning and Architecture. Being one of the founders of AUM Architects, she leads a team who believes in a collaborative design approach and promises to deliver a comprehensive and appropriate solution to every project. Having worked as a design participant for the Institute of Health Management Research, she has an insight of achieving green building standards with efficiency.
She has designed and managed projects for Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Honda R&D Centre, Bank of Tokyo, New Delhi and Mumbai, Mizuho Bank in Delhi and Mumbai.


Aayush Singhal

Amitoz Pal Singh

Aryaman Singh

Ojas Gupta


Shaksham Dhingra

Ujjwal Rawat


Ashmit S Alag

Principal Designer - Transform Design

Ashmit Alag has been guiding Team Sushant School of Architecture to perfection! Ashmit has a decade long education in design and is renowned worldwide for his contribution in visual-merchandising and premium-living design education. He is Chief Designer of Delhi-based Transform Design. He was awarded 40 under 40 by Design:Retail in USA and is on the Wall of Fame of Art institute of Seattle, USA.


Aakash Shobhwani

Ishita Singhal

Mansi Jain

Saanchi Madan

Parul Gupta

Shreya Jain

Sumit Rathore

Yamini Kothari

Arushi Mittal


Anuja Gujral

Founder & Managing Partner - ADG SQUARE

An experience of over two decades in the industry makes Anuja Dewan an ideal mentor for Team Pearl Academy. Formerly, a project partner responsible for the North Indian operations of Neterwala & Aibara Interior Architects, Ms. Gujral is now the Managing Partner of ADG Square.
A fine eye for high-quality finishes, coupled with strong project supervision capabilities has made Ms. Gujral create a niche in the market and gain the respect of the broader fraternity.


Preetika Wasson

Harneet Singh

Dimple Sharma

Ankit Agarwal

Vijay Kumar


Sanchit Arora

Renesa Architecture

Meet the proud mentor of Delhi School of Architecture, Sanchit Arora, Studio Head Architect at RENESA. Having a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Sanchit has handled many prestigious architectural projects for a list of marquis clients. His expertise include a wide range of large commercial projects such as airports, sport complexes, head-office buildings, multi-unit commercial, print media production facilities etc.


Ar. Aslam Kadri

Principal Architect, Morphosis Architects


A skilled veteran in the industry, a graduate from SPSMBHS College of Architecture, and the founder of Morphosis Architects. Being extensively experienced in design, Ar. Aslam Kadri believes that if you start chasing the feeling in design, creativity evokes by itself.

Ar. Sanjay Kothari

Principal Architect, Kaleido


Mr. Kothari believes that conversation between material, form, and space is the music of architecture. With an experience of over three decades in the architecture and design industry, he is also the recipient of the 'Best Interior Designer Award' – 2009. Due to his impressive accolade, his expectations of well-planned designs are exceptionally high!

Ar. Khozema Chitalwala

Principal Architect, Designers Group


A seasoned artiste who excels in imaginatively transforming simple spaces into well-designed spaces coupled with ambiences of desire and aestheticism, Mr. Chitalwala has a unique sense of design which makes him extremely hard to impress!

Ar. Ponni M. Concessao

Principal Architect, Oscar & Ponni Architects


An honorary doctorate in modern architecture, 90 awards, and an experience of almost 3 decades are just some of the stellar credentials of our fourth jury member, Ar. Ponni M. Concessao.

Wood is Good Competition Prizes


Canadian Wood initiated Wood Is Good in 2016 where 3 colleges from Mumbai participated and showcased their designing skills at FOAID. All three teams were provided with sawn western hemlock lumber. The brief was to conceptualize, design and execute a single, unique piece of living room furniture suitable for residential use using western hemlock.

L.S. Raheja College of Architecture combined the concepts of modular furniture with a flexible design and made a furniture piece that can be seamlessly used as chairs or tables by assembling and reassembling a set of interlocking boards. The entry scored high on all parameters making them the winner!

Our second participant team, Pearl Academy, adopted the concept of a cube with varied surfaces like cuts out and voids. While, Team Rachna Sansad experimented greatly with the wood and then decided to design a unique, beautiful den that gained a lot of traction at the event.

The three designs were highly appreciated by our esteemed panel of jury members comprising of Arjun Rathi, Vivek Gupta and Supraja Rao who are the leaders and stalwarts of the architecture community.

Wood is Good 2016 Wood is Good 2016