Furniture Design by Rachana Sansad Students


Canadian Wood with FOAID 2017 honors innovation, function and aesthetic advancements in the furniture Industry. Students from premiere architecture colleges across Delhi and Mumbai will work under the expert guidance of established architects and Interior designers. The students are provided with western hemlock wood to create unique furniture pieces. Available as sawn lumber in India, western hemlock is ideal for producing solid wood furniture.

Western Hemlock Furniture


Western hemlock is an outstanding wood for solid wood furniture and interior designing. It’s known worldwide for its even density and excellent machining properties. Hemlock is firmly established as an excellent wood for mouldings and interior woodworking.

Its popular applications include furniture, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, ladders and other utility purposes.

It can be planed and sanded to an even, smooth finish and its natural beautiful grain and carving properties make it popular among furniture manufacturers. Being non-resinous and light in color, it can take on any paint, stains and finishes for that perfect look.




Aaditya Vyas

Anuj Modi

Geet Sampat

Pari Sanghavi

Sanika Charatkar

Siddhi Zaveri

Tanishka Sarka



The sentiments of a library: agglomeration of experiences, vehemence, fervor, excitement, and spirit, when abstracted via waveforms become the generators of Furore. It is a multi-functional, iterative furniture piece most suitable for a library space or reading rooms as it allows its users to have a variety of posture adjustments and utilitarian uses. One of the key traits of this product lies in its modular and compacting ability, where the entire system can be flattened to a seamless surface when not in use.


Badrul Jamali

Bhavya Gala

Nafisa Hafizji

Saqlain Hajiabba

Prachi Sapkal

Tanzeem Kapadia

Vishal Ghodke



The proposed design door looks like a simple rectangular panel door with some checkered patterns but it shall accommodate five furnitures giving it a suprise element. The door is in amalgamation of a study table, A chair, A ladder ehich can also be converted into a bench and a centre table.


Anmol Achara

Darsh Jain

Hemangi Vira

Nabila Basit

Preeyanka Gandhi

Ronaldo Rodrigues



The furniture piece is designed using the organic honeycomb structure along with the inter-locking slits. The idea is to create a multifunctional furniture piece along with modularity. Different variations and transformations can be achieved in this design and it can be used as shelves, seating, decorative art piece, and wall hanging.


Chinmay Gawade

Devesh Uniyal

Divya Agarwal

Eshan Pradhan

Gaurav Edwankar

Radhika Rathi

Tanishqa Rodrigues



The idea of the furniture evolved through the choice of a specific audience like that of migrants. Spaces as tight as these demand a different kind of furniture, furniture that can not only be transformed to be used differently but also, compacted to a suitcase, kept aside when not in use and opened up when needed, portable enough to cope up with the dynamic life of these moving people within our cities.


Anaushka Goyals

Jay Mehta

Muskkaan Bafnaa

Nitin Mhapsekar

Poornika Masand





Inspired by a spider's web, the design is multi-functional single piece unit comprised of three concentric octagons of different widths. The octagons are held to each other by angular supports which when viewed from far look like a spider's web. When closed it provides seating for one person in the innermost octagon. Similarly, each octagon unfolds with its own importance and feature to the design.


Mentor for Balwant Sheth School of Architecture

Puran Kumar

Principal Architect, PKA

An IIT Roorkee alumnus, principal architect of PKA and an advocate of uncomplicated design expressions, Puran supports and practices the use of natural building materials that lend an everlasting appeal to any design. From large corporate offices to residential projects, Puran’s repertoire of architecture and interior projects is as wide as it is simple.

Mentor for Nirmala Niketan College of Polytechnic

Brijesh Chinai

Founder & CEO, BRIC

Combining a unique mix of contemporary design based on strong local clues, Brijesh is mentoring team Nirmala Niketan College of Polytechnic. Ar. Brijesh Chinai has presided over the evolution at BRIC Designs, Mumbai since it was established in the year 2006, and has built a network of multidisciplinary practices with a significant body of work carried out in the country.

Mentor for Raffles Design International, Mumbai

Prashant Chauhan

Creative Director, ZERO9

Prashant Chauhan is a multifaceted designer and an architect by qualification. His belief – Design is Boundless – forms the very core of his practice - ZERO9, and he scales beyond the boundaries of architecture to explore other design disciplines. His zest for innovation has won him recognition in the form of national and international design awards.

Mentor for School of Environment & Architecture

Arbaysis Ashley & Pooja Ashley

Principal Architects, Ashleys

Arbaysis Ashley and Pooja Ashley are the principal architects of Mumbai-based Ashleys, a design firm that embodies a tasteful, minimalist aesthetic. Arbaysis believes that the design of a space should overwhelm with its simplicity and finesse, while Pooja’s design aesthetic is a signature reinvention of exquisite Indian craftsmanship, combined with a more global simplicity.

Mentor for Sir JJ College of Architecture

Karan Desai

Owner, Karan Desai INC

A passionate founder of his eponymous studio, Karan Desai is the pioneer of innovative furniture and interior design. Karan is inspired by contemporary aesthetics and clean lines, and his design projects deliver results that are unique and reflect personal tastes without diluting the studio’s vision.


Lijo Jos

Principal Architect - LIJO.RENY.architects.


Ar. Lijo Jos is a multiple time Gold and Silver Leaf winner; one of the 50 most influential architects in India 2017 by AD50 and a self-taught artist. In 2011, he completed his B.Arch. from SIT, Tumkur followed by a stint at Teamplus, Thrissur – Architects, as Principal Architect. He then started his own practice, along with Architect Reny Lijo in 2005.

Padmini Pandey

Design Director - Studio Padmini Pandey


Aesthetic, functional and an emotional experience: these are the qualities intrinsic to Ar. Padmini Pandey’s architectural design sensibilities and creations. Her experience across continents and unique sensibility to the communicative elements in space design are reflected in her myriad creations. She is involved in hospitality projects and luxury residences across India for some of the best brands in the industry.

Khozema Chitalwala

Principal Architect - Designers Group


A seasoned artiste who excels in imaginatively transforming simple spaces into well-designed spaces coupled with ambiences of desire and aestheticism, Ar. Chitalwala has a unique sense of design which makes him extremely hard to impress.

Dipen Gada

Principal Designer & Founder - Dipen Gada & Associates


Ar. Dipen Gada holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from M.S. University, Vadodara. He has also been the Chairperson of IIID, Vadodara from 2006 to 2008. Dipen’s focus has always been to put his best foot forward and create a space for innovation, experience, architecture, expressions and timeless designs. Dipen’s work with DGA is featured in more than 100 National and International design journals and magazines.



Canadian Wood’s initiative Wood is Good, in association with the Festival of Design & Architecture (FOAID), was back for another go in 2017! This time, five colleges from the city of Delhi were keen to display their wood designing skills. Our esteemed jury ruled in the favour of Pearl Academy who secured the gold prize! School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi bagged the silver prize, while team IMS Design and Innovation Academy took the bronze home.
The five premier colleges worked under the expert guidance and mentorship of well-established architects and interior designers to put their best foot forward.

The School of Planning and Architecture Delhi (SPA) team created ZMETRI – a furniture piece that was adaptable and had various provisions for storing, lounging and resting. They were mentored by Neha Kulkarni, Founder of AUM Architects.

The Sushant School of Architecture team incepted Kursi, a hybrid of traditional Indian craftsmanship blended wonderfully with the boldness of modernistic styles. This team was mentored by Ashmit S Alag, Principal Designer at Transform Design.

The team from Pearl Academy came up with a design that was adaptable, efficient, utilitarian, simple, and yet aesthetically pleasing. The multipurpose structure could be converted into an object for sitting, for storage, a swing, or even a simple box. This team was guided by Anuja Gujral, Founder & Managing Partner of ADG Square.

The team at Delhi School of Architecture came up with a multifunctional design – Porta Ensemble – that recreated the idea of a contemporary cuboid into a structure with detachable parts. Sanchit Arora, Studio Head Architect at RENESA Architecture, mentored this team.

The IMS – Design & Innovation Academy team was inspired from molecular structures and procured a design, the Hexa 7, that comprised of six panels that merged together to form a furniture piece. This team was guided to completion by Ronak Sekhri, Business Head at Pomegranate Design.

To appreciate the designs and gauge a winner amongst them, a most impressive jury was deployed. The competition was judged by a panel of jury members who are leaders and stalwarts of the architecture community including Ar. Aslam Kadri, Ar. Sanjay Kothari, Ar. Khozema Chitalwala, and Ar. Ponni M. Concessao judged all the impressive and stunning designs at the ‘Wood Is Good Design Competition’ - 2017.

Wood is Good 2016
Wood is Good 2016 Wood is Good 2016